Story Stars Library Toy Party


Here’s a picture from the Story Stars toy party we held at William Patrick Library. The week before, at Hillhead Community Centre, the children packed their toys in a suitcase (an idea I borrowed from former Leith Library Reader in Residence, Emily Dodd). The toys spent a week at William Patrick Library then came out to play for a fun Story Stars session in the children’s section of the library. We read Barry the Fish with Fingers and had a brilliant time with bubbles, musical instruments and mime.

Ashleigh, community development officer at Hillhead, talked to some of the mums about carrying on with Story Stars once my residency is over, and the overwhelming feeling was that Story Stars should and must continue! Having had small children myself and benefiting from a singing and music session where I lived, it gives me enormous satisfaction that I can help to provide something similar for the families in Hillhead – and more importantly that there are some mums keen to keep it running. There are plans afoot for interested parents and carers to have some Bookbug and drama training provided by myself and my colleagues at the library.

We will have a break for Easter and Story Stars will recommence at Hillhead Community Centre at 10am on Thursday 23rd April.

untitled (14)    DSCF0452

The week before: bye-bye toys! See you in the library!

packing for toy party


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